Plentifield Marketing Sdn Bhd known as PMSB was incorporated on 1 Jun 2005 under thename of Jade Empire Sdn Bhd. The company name was later changed to Plentifield Marketing Sdn Bhd on 16 May 2006. PMSB principal activities were project management and constructions. PMSB commence its operations in July 2008.

PMSB later embarked to development of property in June 2008. PMSB is headed by the Managing Director, Dr Teoh Lian Hong and assisted by Pn Norlaila Lee as the Marketing Director. They have managed and successfully completed numerous projects under the group of companies. The management team are committed and dedicated to the success of the company.

Among the projects that have been successfully completed under the leadership of Dr Teoh Lian Hong, the Managing Director is as follows:
Plentifield Sdn Bhd (PSB)
• 310 acres of mixed development land with 153 lots of light and medium industrial land of 0.75 to 2 acres each at Taman Industries Alam Jaya, Shah Alam II.

• 180 units of 2 storey shops/offices, 24 units of single storey shops, 55 units of single storey terrace factories, 367 units of double storey terrace house and 383 units of apartments in Shah Alam 2 under the name of Taman Industryi Alam Jaya and Taman Alam Jaya.
Equity Leader Sdn Bhd (ELSB)
• Developing Bandar LeTat Jaya, Sandakan, located along 4th mile of the newly constructed Northern Ring Rod and close proximity to Bandar Kim Fung and Bandar Pasaraya which is fully developed. The said development is under TL077549887 free from all encumbrances and about 40 acres for which Phase I completed and handed over in January 2010 with 40 units of 11/2 storey semi-detached Factory, 60 units of double storey terrace factory, 24 units of three storey shop lots, 22 units of double storey shop lot and a 2 storey Wet/Dry Market cum Food Courts with gross development value (GDV) about RM110 millions and achieved 98% sold.

• Phase II consist of 38 units of 1 ½ storey semi detached factory, 3 storey commercial building, 44 units of 2 storey commercial showrooms, 10 units of 3 storey commercial showrooms and achieved 70% sold and anticipated to complete full completion by March 2011.
Plentifield Marketing Sdn Bhd (PMSB)
PMSB is currently undertake to develop Business and SOHO Centre (MITC Area) in Bandar Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka on a piece of 7.12 acres of 99 years leasehold land approved for development by Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (MPHTJ) through Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka (PKNM) which consists of 114 units of 1 ½storey shop lots, 538 units SOHO Centre of varying size from 611 sq ft to 2,000 sq ft for Phase 1 and Phase 2 proposed 4 to 5 Stars Business Hotel with 293 rooms and suites.

The total gross development value for Phase 1 is approximately RM220 million and construction is to commence August 2010 and will be completed within 36 months.
Corporate Structure
Dr Teoh Lian Hong and Pn Norlaila Lee is the major shareholders of Equity Leader Sdn Bhd (ELSB) with 51% and 22% shareholdings respectively with balance of 27% minority shareholders. ELSB is the parent company of Plentifield Marketing Sdn Bhd (PMSB) with 52% shareholdings. PMSB authorized and paid up capital are RM5 million and RM1.5 million respectively.

ELSB holds 100% shareholdings of TL Medic Sdn Bhd (TLMSB) a landlord company to be developed in Bandar Hang Tuah Jaya and Lee Tat Hotel Management Sdn Bhd (LTHMSB) with the principal activity of hotel management. The authorized and paid up capital of TLMSB are RM1 million each.
• To become the main player in the property development locally and internationally.
• To develop a Business and SOHO Centre (MITC Area) in Bandar Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka on a piece of 7.12 acres of 99 years leasehold land approved for development by Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (MPHTJ).
• To undertake the first Business and SOHO Centre in Melaka.
• To build a residential, business and 5 star hotel at Bandar Hang Tuah Jaya.
• Systematic, skilful and efficient management.
• Upgrade business performance at all time.
• Utilizing effective economy resources.
• To produce and deliver good services and high quality products with minimum cost.
• Establish and stabilize business with capability to move forward at all times.
Organisation Strategy
Approach in achieving the PMSB strategies:
• Collective business decision through discussions and negotiations with business partners and associates.
• Efficient and competence management in line with business interest and business growth.
• Skilful and efficient management usage with high productivity at minimum cost.
• Systematic, efficient and competent marketing at all time.
• Ability to work closely with government and non-government agencies to obtain maximum and good opportunity
• To produce delivery, services and products with high quality in tandem with local and international standard
• To ensure high profitability and return on investments stipulated within the time period.
Management Strategy
In line with PSMB effort to develop its business growth, systematic management approach towards business and employees are utmost important. As such, the management team has strategized the following policy:
• Apply team work among employee for mutual benefit
• Guidance, motivation and consoling towards employee for high productivity and performance for task and responsibility undertaken.
• Apply honesty, sincerity, faithful and loyalty values.
• Ensure every employee are well developed and trained
• Ensure all staffs and management teams are well equipped with high skills.
• Involvement of all employee and management in two ways communication approach towards obtaining opinion and suggestion to achieve and produce high quality of work, productivity and system.